Mrs. In Wonderland


What a wonderful albeit peculiar Mrs indeed - she gallants around at her very own speed. She's hard to miss in her blue dress and black sashy - her ring so obscure it's styled after a looking-glassy. A Mrs with various scheduled dates - she does her best to be punctual yet shows up fashionably late! She's big on glamorous gatherings and loves to host her friends for tea - if you are lucky enough to be invited, it's quite a magical time, you'll see! The elixir that she serves is quite unusual - for into the tea cups she pours booze-for-you-all! She'd be mad to pass up a fun little excursion - she's always game for some indulgent diversion. And if you decide to go along, who knows where you'll end up - but go you should to her world filled with wonder, just remember to bring your tea cup!

1. Jenna Silk-Blend Bustier Dress 2. Polka-Dot Heart Studs 3. Vintage Oval Key Pendant 4. Square Frame Sunglasses 5. Looking Glass Ring 6. Rouge Hydrabase Creme Lipstick - Fire 7. Summerville Jenkins 8. Oversize Rose Corsage Pumps 9. Original Vodka 10. Tea For 4 Set 11. Crystal Rabbit Clutch 12. Champignons Plate

Baubles, Cocktails, Fashion
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