Mrs. Aquarius


In comes Mrs. Aquarius - a vision in blue who's quite gregarious. She's both friendly and humanitarian - this Mrs is a true blue Aquarian. She's lovely, honest and loyal - she loves all things blue from aqua to royal. She's very unique and rather inventive - not to mention painfully chic - my, what an incentive! At times she can be a little unpredictable - but it adds to the charm that makes her so irresistible. She's a Mrs. who loves her independence - and exercises her freedom with vigor and valiance. She's fun loving and positively optimistic - she's quite the comedian and humorously slapstick. She's an Aquarian goddess who likes to set herself apart - she's a magnificent Mrs. after my very own heart!

1. Silk-Taffeta Dress 2. Feathered Blue Earrings 3. Explosion Ring 4. Balenciaga Sunglasses 5. Sequined Evening Clutch 6. Aqua Shimmer Eyeshadow 7. Zodiac Pillow 8. Ernesta Bow Pumps 9. Blue Lagoon Polish 10. Ode A La Bievre Book 11. Mrs. Godfrey Chair

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