Mrs. McNicey


Meet Mrs. McNicey - if you thought you were nicey, this Mrs is  twicey if not thricey as nicey. She's usually properly clad and very enticey - always dripping in pearls and lots of blingy icey. She's a Mrs on a merry mission and to a group of do-gooders she's a lovely addition! She carries a secret stash of change in her coin purses - so that if your parking meter needs feeding she secretly imburses. Also stowed in her bag are lots of luscious lollipops - she keeps them at the ready, gifting them out to all whom she stops to talks. And if by chance, she calls upon you for a nicey favor - she'll send you a thank you note graced with such sweetness you can't help but savor. This is Mrs McNicey - she's so super nicey any way you slicey and dicey!

1. Trompe l'oeil Crinkled Chiffon Blouse 2. Ballerina Earrings 3. Drama Queen Bracelet 4. Thank You Note 5. Belinda Pumps 6. Miss Heather Leather Shopper 7. Whirly Heart Lollipop 8. Vintage Metallic Zip Coin Purse

Baubles, Fashion
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