Mrs. Mingle



This is Mrs. Mingle, she's quite the smooth talker - what a mighty conversationalist, but that's no shocker. She always shows up undoubtedly prepared - for a long night of mingling, and juicy gossip to be shared. She keeps in her purse a stack of Mrs cards - leaving them with only the most valiant vanguards. She inadvertently steals all the eyes - but keeps herself a mystery because she's oh so wise. She knows how to work the crowd and navigate the who's-who - she's queen of the proper introduction how-to.  This Mrs knows her drinks and orders them well - she's a fancies the sidecars can't you tell? And, if the night perhaps grows tired - she'll have the cocktails topped off by the wait staff she hired. She's a Mrs who really knows how to have fun - she'll be the Mrs you remember after the night is done. She's Mrs. Mingle... a Mrs who's deserving of her very own jingle!

1. Scalloped Silk-Georgette Dress 2. Corkboard Necklace 3. Galaxy Swirl Sparkle Studs 4. Lora Ring 5. Sidecar Cocktail 6. Sugar Cherry Lipgloss 7. Pigalle 85 Python Pumps 8. Altoids 9. Kiss Calling Card 10. Perfume Atomiser 11. Little Black Book 12. Patent Leather Clutch

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