Inside A Mrs. Bag...


A Mrs bag is the keeper of many secrets untold, so let's unlock the mystery of this bag that she holds. Whether oversized or tiny, it's contents are always numerous - they are all her necessities and some rather humorous. She'd wouldn't be caught dead with out a ravishing shade of lipstick - and never without her phone, aka her constant sidekick. With stacks of Mrs business cards in a stylish carrying case - she hands them out and remembers every name and face. She's certain to always have a perfectly stocked wallet - filled with so much cash that you'd choke if you saw it! She has on hand at all times - a little change purse filled with quarters and dimes. On her keys she keeps a mini flask - keeping it filled is quite a constant task! At times she prefers to stay stealth and disguisey - so she carries big sunglasses to sneak out post sunrisey. Certainly by now you've noticed she's an occasional smoker - it's fantasias that she fancies... you just gotta know her. Perfectly prepared with polish for the accidental chip - and sen-sens to freshen up after a juicy French dip! And there you have it all the wonderment and swag - the very contents that's inside a Mrs bag!

1. Bugatti Glazed Leather Tote 2. Nectarine Lipstick 3. Bling-Bling iphone Case 4. Creative Jane Street 5. Mini Keychain Flask 6. Jane Street Neda 7. Nat Sherman Fantasias 8. Python Card Holder 9. Sen-sen Confection 10. Orgasm Nail Polish 11. Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

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