The Life Bedazzled


Oh Mrs Bling how she adores her nice things, bedazzled things - like glittering throw pillows and blinding cocktail rings. She's a Mrs of many indulgent desires - she's got to live up all the things she aspires. She's a confident Mrs who knows what she wants - flashing her bling as she struts and flaunts. You'll know her when you see her cause she's glows from head to toe - she's basically a walking blingy firework show! She has herself some pretty big goals - working hard for her blingy status is how she rolls! Her hard work pays off yielding hefty rewards - if you only knew what that gold rolly set her back - oh my lords! She wouldn't have it any other way - she's got it pretty darn good, wouldn't you say?!

1. Sequined Cashmere Sweater 2. Crystal Embellished Sunglasses 3. Crystal Faceted Bracelet 4. Majesty Stone Cocktail Ring 5. Crystal Wallet 6. Caper Flat 7. Bling Earbuds 8. Jere Rain Drops Mirror 9. E-Z Eye Rollerball Eye Shadow - Hydra 10. Presidential Rolly 11. Kaz Candleholder 12. Foil Pillow

Baubles, Fashion, Interiors
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