Blinging In The Rain


She's blingin' in the rain - just blingin' in the rain, what a glorious feeling this Mrs is happy again! Let me introduce you to Mrs. Rain-or-Shine, she's weather ready so sparkly and fine! She won't let a little rain get her down - instead she'll slip on her gold slickers and puddle jump all over town! Ask her to meet you and she'll be there come hell or high water - She'll be the one lighting up the puddles, it'd tough not to spot her. She loves a good sunshiny day - but enjoys herself just the same when it's rainy and grey. She swears it's all in her Rain-or-Shine attitude, but I'm sure the blingy boots help elevate her mood. What's not to love about Mrs Rain-or Shine...? She's all blinged out super happy and totally divine!

1. Justinas jacket 2. Envious Necklace 3. Shine - Gold Saint 4. Clip-on Starburst Earrings 5. Ladies Driving Gloves 6. La Casita Josephine 7. Gold Wellies 8. Silver Rain Purse Spray 9. Silk Twill Pocket Square 10. Bling H2O 11. Black + White Pinwheel Pagoda Umbrella

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