Mrs. Dreamboat


Here's that darling Mrs. Dreamboat - looking simply ravishing in her new spring coat. This Mrs always carries some serious plastic - and that's why her days are pretty dreamtastic! She spends her time doing what she wants - exercising her rights as an illustrious bon vivant! She treats herself to goodies by the boatload - slightly forgoing reality since she's always in dream mode. With her sunglasses all big and blacky - she's pretty flamboyant and all kinds of wacky. This Mrs loves her some statement pieces - complimenting her character while her dreaminess increases. On the inside she's so buttery and dreamy - she beams from within all sunshiny and gleamy. You can usually find her spread out on a lovely green lawn - writing down her happy thoughts as she day dreams on. If her dreamboat spirit has you wondering why - you ought to ask her and she'll probably reply :  "don't ever let your dreaminess pass you by" - these are her wise words to live by - as you listen and comply, you tilt your head, grin and sigh.

1. Cape May Willow Coat 2. Frozen Facets Brooch 3. Show Orchid Lipstick 4. Marguerite Earrings 5. So Glad Necklace 6. Low Curve Sunglasses 7. Square Encrusted Framed Lella 8. Rainy Day Ballet Flats 9. Dream A Little Dream Of Me Polish 10. Plastic! 11. Day Dreaming Panama Notebook


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