Mrs. Pisces


You can't help but fall hopelessly in love with Mrs. Pisces - she's painfully chic and all kinds of nice-ies. She's got a perspicacious imagination - one that butters up her every creation. She enjoys the company of like pisceans for sure - who wouldn't adore ladies such as her and her? I too, would love to be - delighted by their fabulous company! Although at times she's rather nebulous - she's a friendly and charitable Mrs who's never credulous. Every now and again this Mrs loves to escape - it's not beyond her to jaunt off to Paris just for a crepe. Sometimes she can be a little frantic - but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that she's a hopeless romantic. If her Mr surprised her with a vintage Lincoln Continental - she'd melt and swoon at his gesture so sentimental. She's kind and incredibly intuitive - not to mention ferociously festive! She's a lady who's not afraid to roll life's dice-ies - and just for that we love her to pisces!

1. Paisley Embroidered Silk Blouse 2. Perforated Ballet Flat 3. Lynne Necklace 4. Pret Sparkling Orange Water 5. Il Pesco Rosso Earrings 6. Coral Reef Pearl + Star Ring 7. Minty Nail Polish 8. Astrid Goldfish Panama Hat 9. Aqua Round Frame Sunglasses 10. Fish Salt + Pepper 11. Shadowy Chair

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