Mrs. Meyer


It is with pure pleasure that I introduce the lovely Mrs. Meyer - she's super sweet, seriously - I'm no liar! She's got a funny thing for lemons - so much so that she imports them from Yemen! Although she's mostly sweet at times she can be a little sour - but her moodiness is usually short lived, and gone within an hour. And for that matter she keeps all kinds of sugar laying around - she prefers it in cube form and stocks it by the pound. She enjoys partaking a good lemon drop - at which point she'll pick up the phone and call you to talk. Mainly, she likes to chat about all things yellow - and for the most part your conversations are pretty mellow. And if you have an ailment, she's got just the thing - a hot spiked cup of lemon zing! According to her, lemons are great even when you're sober - not to mention the perfect thing for a Mrs hangover! She's a fabulous Mrs, despite being a little tart - she's a loyal friend who'll love you with all her lemony Mrs heart. 

1. Oversized Cotton Blend Dress 2. Gigi Earrings 3. Sugar Cubes 4. Flo For Florescent Pearl Sparkle Bauble 5. Connaught Mule Cocktail 6. Vintage Yellow Sculptura Donut Phone 7. Kellie Too Pumps 8. Satin Clutch  9. The Lemon Book 10. Lemon Pillow

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