The Mrs. Lilien Paper Doll


Move over Christian Louboutin Barbie, here comes the Mrs. Lilien Paper Doll - you can't buy this one at just any old mall.  With the endless options of jewels and dresses - you'll soon find yourself in a pile of cut out papery messes. She'll provide you with hours of fashiony fun - just think, you can even recycle her when you're done! She folds up nicely and can tag along with you to brunch - you could even sit her down and chat her up while you munch! She's the best paper pal a girl could ever haves - not to mention she sports a great set of calfs! She's perfect and papery - and if you bend her, don't worry - you can print her out again and again, no need to hurry. All she asks is that you print her out on your finest paper stock - that way she looks her very best in every frock! It's okay, you can fess up - it's perfectly normal to play dress up!! So go on... print and cut out a few - admit it, you know you want to!! 

[Mrs. Lilien photo : Bonnie Tsang]

1. The Dashing Mrs. Lilien 2. Elva Feilds Bright & Possible Necklace 3. Marlaina Stone Jasmine Necklace 4. Kate Spade Lorelei Necklace 5. Kate Spade Galaxy Swirl Glitz Ball Necklace 6. Balenciaga Sunglasses 7. Retrosun Vintage Gucci Sunglasses 8. Stella McCartney Cat-Eye Sunglasses 9. J 10. Bounkit Brooch 11. Vivien Corsage 12. Albertus Swanepoel Straw Fedora 13. MiuMiu Bugatti Glazed Leather Tote 14. Kate Spade Watch Hill Maryanne 15. Kate Spade Square Encrusted Framed Lella 16. Prada Raso Frame Clutch 17. Malene Birger Justinas Jacket 18. Halston Heritage Satin Gown 19. Harvey Faircloth Gathered Neck Blouse 20. Harvey Faircloth Tulip Skirt 21. Opening Ceremony Striped Coat 22. Kate Spade Oleander Skirt 23. Kate Spade Starlight Dress 24. Bottega Veneta Boned-Waist Dress

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