Mrs. Flower Show


Lookout!... here comes Mrs. Flower Show - she's a Mrs on a Flower Show mission y'know. In early spring she keeps her schedule clear - for it's flower show season and she goes every year. She gets gussied up just to go to it - she blocks off time to make a delightful day of it. This Mrs is lovely and ladylike - keeping her bag, shoes and gloves all white. She plans accordingly to have all her preferred amenities - like a double flask of St. Germain and Spanish Brandy - you know, all the flower show going necessities. She spends her sweet time taking it all in - she stops to smell the roses and sports an intoxicating grin. In front of the dahlias is where she'll stay a while - as she journals her flowery thoughts to keep on file. She'll prance through the perennials - and impresses all the flower show curatorials. Because her attendance is often annual - she's seemingly become a flower show manual. And not for nothing, but I think you should know - it's this Mrs who crowns the best in show. So, if you just so happen to go - Be sure to say hello to Mrs. Flower Show.

1. Skirted Top 2. Oops A Daisy Earrings 3. Vivien Corsage 4. Brogued Ladies Gloves 5. Ladies Double Flask 6. Felice Readers 7. Oversized Python Tote 8. Feticha 120 Python Pumps 9. Flowerbomb Perfume 10. Wafer Gilt Pencil 11. Bright Ideas Notebook

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