Like I Give A Frock!



Like I Give A Frock is our fabulous first Mrs read - for induction into this club, this book you will need.  A glorious glimpse into a world of brilliant non-sensities - this decadent read is filled with all kinds of fashion perpensities. With each turn of a page you mind is filled - will perfect banter that will leave you decidedly fulfilled. From profound to absurd, but none-th-less hilarious - these Michi Girl stylings will certainly leave you delirious. And if for some reason you are not amused - perhaps the illustrations by Kat Macleod will leave you inspired and infused. Upon completion you'll be versed in how to avoid a fashion mishap - and see things in a different light, possibly giggle and perhaps even clap! A laugh a minute, non-comitial and light - a rather perfect selection to kick off our book reading plight.  We'll explore this book all hot and frocky - and in a month we'll talk all kinds of shopy  - so go out and get your copy, chop-choppy!

1. Like I Give A Frock 2. Snow Angel Dress 3. Cropped Skinny Jeans 4. String Bean 5. Gold Wine Goblets 6. Sequined Baguette 7. Baguette 8. Butterfly Dress 9. Mushrooms 10. Gal Lop Pumps 11. Bolide Gloves 12. Nico Sunglasses 

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