In A Mrs. Jewel Box



If you ever get invited into a Mrs.'s abode - it's a sight to see, so I've been told! Now when you go, ask to see her jewel box - it's probably on her dresser under a pile of frocks.  Apparently she's got a wicked collection of ice - and from what I hear she doesn't wear anything twice! Of course she'll start by showing you her Mrs ring - it's a bazillion carats and all kinds of bling. Next, she'll whip out her classics - pearls and diamonds with countless facets. Your eyes may twirl just by the sight of it all - but you swoon on and can't help but love it all. Assuming she shows you something glorious and vintage - your astounded that it's old since it's condition is mintage. She'll pull out something sacred she holds quite dear - like her Aunty Mimi's stickpins from yesteryear. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - she shows you something totally red-letter. Like her galaxy cocktail ring, my what a stunner - you put it on and exclaim "what could be funner?!" Her trove of jewels at this point seems bottomless - just like the belly of a hungry hippopotamus. With her discernible love of clip-ons - one might wonder if this Mrs is from the bygones. As the baubles, bangles rings and things - continue to pour out into a pile of blings - "wait, there's more!" is what she sings. Oh the stories, oh the jewels - she goes on and on as you drools! Once you get her started she talks and talks - about these amazing treasures she keeps in her Mrs. Jewel Box. So, make sure when you go, allow yourself the entire day - to explore her jewel box that's totally show stopping [by the way!]

1. Anubis Jewelry Box 2. Classic Winston Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 3. Crystal Devote Earrings 4. Vintage Signet Stickpin 5. Gumdrop Studs 6. Get It Together Necklace 7. Green Onyx Drop Clip-ons 8. Majesty Stone Bracelet  9. Faceted Octagon Citrine Clip-ons  10. Flower Brooch 11. Green Cluster Cocktail Ring 12. Mini Bacall Earrings 13. Crystal Nebula Bracelet 14. Crystal Flower Bracelet 15. Victorian Rock Crystal Faceted Stickpin 16. Galaxy Swirl Glitz Ring 17. Crystal Burst Earrings 18. Pink Sapphire Chandelier Earrings 19. Flora In Focus Necklace 20. Crystal Khaki Bow Necklace 

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