Ode to Mrs. Kelly


Mrs. Kelly, the glowing image of perfection - with her golden coiffe and creamy complexion - she's perched at the tippy top of my Mrs selection. She kills me dead with her flawless ladylikeness - not a hair out of place, and her skin-just look at the tightness! A Mrs who defined her own lipstick shade - and decades later it's still being made - goes to show her legacy will never fade. This Mrs was the vision of classic - if it were bottled up in plastic - we could all guzzle it down and be classically fantastic! The timeless beauty that she was - will forever stir a glamorous buzz - and not for nothing, but just because - it's just what her nostalgia does. Famous for her perfect stands of pearls - and her goldilocks Mrs curls - that still remain sought after by all the girls. Of course, it only made sense that she married a prince - going down in history as the ultimate royal minx. Cheers to Mrs. Kelly and her gorgeous Mrs ways - just thinking of her leaves me in a constant dreamy Mrs haze.

1-3. Mrs. Kelly 4. Tiffany Signature Pearl Necklace 5. Carrs Regency Sterling Silver Hair Brush 6. Princess Grace Coral Lipstick 

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