A Mrs. Picnic


It goes without saying that this Mrs loves her some leisure - and, she's positively pleased to partake in a picnic for her pleasure! There's a special ritual in packing a Mrs picnic basket - she'll only bring the good stuff and wouldn't be caught dead using plastic! She's certain to pack all of her picnic making necessities - the perfect noshes and sips to liven up the festivities. Good domestic caviar, a nice baguette and mini bottles of champagne - there's no potato salad here, how predictable and mundane! What's a picnic without some music for your Mrs ears - she'll bring along a radio to play some tunes for you to hears! With her basket all packed, and her Mrs self suitably stacked - she's ready for a picnic party and baby, that's a fact! She'll mount her trusty two-wheeler - and starts her ride with a giggle and a squealer. With the breeze blowing thru her Mrs hair - she'll pedal like the wind without a single Mrs care. You'll be thrilled to have this Mrs as your sidekick - she'll absolutely knock your socks off at her smokin' hot Mrs picnic!

1. Abici, Amante Donna Bike [via : here] 2. Kate Spade, Picnic Bike Basket 3. Veuve Clicquot Rose 4. Hermes, Sur Les Rives Du Leman Scarf 5. Jcrew, A.R. Trapp Troubadour Sunglasses 6. Kate Spade, Blowing Baubles Ring 7. Kate Spade Lorelei Earrings 8. Le Baguette 9. Swanson Wild American Hackleback Caviar 10. Classic Bike Bell 11. Roberts Revival Radio 12. Cb2, Finger Food Plate Rings

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