She Likes to Mauve It Mauve It!


She likes to mauve it mauve it - I like to mauve it mauve it - don't you just love it love it?! What a fabulous and ladylike shade - it's like a whipped, whispery-pink that's been powdered sugar coated and souffleed. This color sings a tune that's undeniably adorable and innocent - and it's the perfect hue because it's versatile and resilient. Why not add some mauve to your closet or home for that matter - you'll be astounded at how it can compliment and flatter! For a shade so delightful and delicious - it's a must have for every magnificent Mrs! 

1. Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh Oversized Sungalsses 2. Ylang 23 Vintage, Light Amethyst Art Deco Clip-ons 3. L'Oreal Colour Riche Saucy Mauve Lipstick 4. Marc Jacobs, 'The Single' Quilted Bag 5. Vogue, 1963

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