A Mrs. Patio Bar


What ever is a Mrs Patio with out a Mrs bar - I find the notion of a barless patio totally bazaar! With the proper tools and astute cocktail mixery - she'll be lounging patio side sipping drinks so delicious and elixiry. First and foremost she'll need an out door bevy cart - a home for all of her accouterments is the perfect place to start. Muddlers, swizzlers, juicers and shakers - are some must have tools for the true cocktail makers. She'll need glittering glasses and highballs a plenty - for a good patio party she'll need a gaggle of 'em if not twenty. A drink isn't a drink without some fancy ice - this Mrs is partial to the diamond variety because it's twice as nice! She'll need a secret cocktail book that's filled with recipes so naughty - so she can reply to raving compliments by swearing she's totally self taughty. Lastly, and certainly not leastly we mustn't forget the liquor - a Mrs should only stock the good stuff, too many well cocktails will make her wickedly sicker! And there you have it the Mrs patio bar necessities - all you need now are some fabulous Mrs cocktail recipes!!

1. Garden Beverage Stand 2. The Cocktail : 200 Fabulous Drinks 3. Cocktail Muddler 4. Cylinder Jar 5. Plymouth English Gin  6. New Arcadia, Sunflower Rocks Set 7. 18K Gold Citizen Plyaboy Swizzle Stik 8. Isi Soda Siphon 9. Citrus Juicers 10. Bar Tool Set 11. Glenglassaugh 1976 30 Year Scotch 12. Diamond Ice Mold 13. CB2, Stainless Steel Shiny Cocktail Shaker 14. Citrus Sippers 15. William Yeoward, Lulu Highball Tumbler 16. Sterling Silver Cocktail Straw 17. Belvedere Vodka 


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