Mrs. Taurus


Ah, the darling Mrs. Taurus, what a remarkable treasure - she does what she pleases and delights in her pleasure! She's patient, loving not to mention warm-hearted - she's a diligent Mrs who always finishes what she started. She's dependable, generous and loves to share - she's a magnificent friend with oodles of flare! She has a tendency to be stubborn, selfish and insecure - but she remains devoted and dependable that's for sure! She's big on pampering and loves her delicious treats - she's got a thing for bon-bons and fancy things for her feets. She keeps a routine because it makes her feel good - she exercises regularly as every Mrs should. She's usually in a fantastic mood - despite a 'her-way-or-the-highway attitude. In the bedroom she likes to keep it fun and slightly naughty - did I mention she's a bit of a homebody? She carries a fabulous conversation - she'll fill your head with inspired innovation, and do so without hesitation. Let's clap for this Mrs who's perched before us - she deserves a round of applause, that dashing Mrs. Taurus!

1. Moschino Heart Dress 2. Moschino Gold Wedges 3. Kenneth Jay Lane, Emerald Drop Earrings 4. Valentino, Satin Bow Clutch 5. Smythson Panama Diary 6. Binatone Classic Gold Phone 7. Jonathan Adler, Design Your Own Pillow 8. Chanel Dumbells 9. Alexis Bonbons 10. Jean-Noel Haton Champagne Brut 11. Hazel Sette



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