Mrs. Mother


We mustn't forget the darling and dear Mrs. Mother - she's a magnificent Mrs and not like any other! She can whip up something fierce in a Mrs flash - her pocketbook is always stocked lipstick and with piles of crisp Mrs cash. She can really starch a shirt and even fix a zipper - she does it with a smile because she's so damn chipper. She's there to catch you when you fall - and she'll brilliantly execute emergency trips to the mall. At times she may be screaming inside - but she remains cool, calm and collected insisting that she's fine. She likes a good drink and takes it pretty stiffy - and if you ask her to, she'll turn out a party's worth in a jiffy. She proudly coddles her little chickens - even though they drive her to drink, those little dickens!  Her floors are always gleaming and her windows she perfectly washes - all with a hot meal on the table has you exclaiming 'oh my gosh's!' Don't feel bad, really, it's not you - Mrs. Mother is crazy and a little cuckoo. Craziness aside, she's truly a work of art - she's Mrs. Mother and we love her with all our heart!

1.Jessie Steele, Bib Josephine Hostess Apron 2. Kate Spade, Kellie Too Pumps 3. Elva Fields, Oh So Smitten Necklace 4. Kate Spade, Park Avenue Pearls 5. Sunshine Yellow Leather Flask 6. Jessie Steele, Scalloped Pot Mit 7. William Sonoma Yellow Spatula 8. Jonathan Adler, Ojai Tea Pot 9. Jonathan Adler, Customizable Pillow 10. Kate Spade, Sandy Point Catherine

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