If there's one thing that sends me, it's a fabulous scallop - just the mere sight of them makes this Mrs gallop! An embellishment so ladylike, feminine and flouncy -  scallops are happy-go-lucky and undeniably bouncy! Treat yourself to something scallopy that you absolutely adore - oh heck, why not overdose on scallops galore - for, a scallopless Mrs is such a snoozy bore!

1. Balenciaga Ribbed Scalloped Bodice Dress 2. Sweetie Scallop Clutch 3. Charlotte Olympia, Margo Scallop Pumps 4. Vintage Christian Dior Scallop Earrings 5. Kate Spade Looking Glass Ring 6. Lillypond Umbrella 7. Phillip Lim, Triangle Bralette 8. Phillip Lim, Cheeky Briefs 

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