Eenie Meenie Miney Moe...



Oh the painstaking process of wardrobe management - finding the perfect gown not to mention the matching accent! Wether for a glitzy event or even just to wear around the manse - a glittering gown makes for the perfect entrance.  When faced with such debacle - think big and colossal - it's always better to dress full throttle! Jewel encrusted and Bedazzled - sparkled, sequined and tasseled - metallicized and fashionably crackled. Either way you wear it - just be sure to it justice and never ever spare it!

1. Versace Oversized Ring and  Marc Jacobs Sequinned Gown 2. Roberto Cavalli Brass Chain Earrings  and  Temperley London Long Shanti Dress 3. Lee Angel Desiree Ring and Matthew Williamson Beaded Silk Gown 4. Erickson Beamon Crystal Earrings and Victoria Beckham Asymmetric Silk Gazar Gown

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