Mrs. Cancerian


Meet Mrs. Cancerian, she's the Mistress of July - she's a fabulously fantastical Mrs, this is no lie! She's intuitive and imaginative, remarkably sensitive and slightly defensive - while cautious and protective. She's unquestionably caring, and at times a little daring - my oh my, what a perfect paring! She's delighfully sweet and loves a good time - she's has a weakness for luxury, but that's no crime! She's into shiny things and loves a good pearl - bring her to a dance floor and she'll take you for a whirl! While lively and fun she loves the comfort of home - she prefers fabulous company to being home alone. Deserving of a million hip-hip-hoorays, is this lovely Mrs and all her crazy crabby ways!

1. One Vintage, Tania Top 2. Christian Louboutin, Margi Diam 120 Pumps 3. Moonstone Claw Ring 4. Zoya Nail Polish Laney 5. Louis Mariette Pearl Headband 6. Irene Neuwirth Moonstone Bracelet 7. Champagne 8. Abalone Shell Mirror 9. Lampert Sofa 

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