Ode to Mrs. Head


The fiercest costumer responsible for glamour so behemoth - the behind the scenes Hollywood queen was none other than Edith. Astonishingly astute and wildly hard working - with eight academy awards to her name of course she was smirking! Both witty and charming - her level of fashion know-how was rather alarming. In her book How To Dress For Success - she divulges the secrets on how to fashionably impress - and do so with perfect finesse. A step by step guide on building the perfect wardrobe - dressing for work, play or trotting the globe. With her person always classic, proper and polished - her hair perfectly coiffed and always with the pearls that she cherished. Three cheers to the life and work Mrs. Head, may her ladylike ways be embraced, passed on and spread.

1. Edith Head 2. Self Portrait + Autograph 3. Karen Walker Number Six Sunglasses 4. GHD Classis 1" Styler 5. How To Dress For Success, by Edith Head 6. Tiffany Cultured Pearl Earrings 7. Tiffany Signature Pear Necklace 8. Edith Head Fashion Sketches

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