Mrs. Kaboom


She's shinier than a speeding bullet, blingier than a million diamonds, able to dazzle with a single semi-precious wink - it's none other than Mrs. Kaboom, she's so very stunning don't you think?! She's said to posses super sequined powers - she fights the dull and drab-ish with blingy sequined showers. She keeps the humdrum at bay - by sprinkling super sparkles with one blink of an eye... is what they say! I've never actually seen her - although I wouldn't mind being her - a super sequined goddess is what I deem her! If you find yourself in a doldrumy mess - needing salvage from your drab-ish distress - you must call upon this this super sequined goddess. Clap your hands three times while reciting in perfect rhymes - "take me from drab to fab and sprinkle me sublime!" It's worth a shot, when it's all you got - give her a try and kiss the blasé bye-bye!

Frock / Pumps / Lashes / Ring / Bracelet



Baubles, Fashion
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