Mrs. Flamingo {cocktail}



There was plenty of fun to be had up North - such as mingling with a few of my long time cohorts - between fits of laughter, there were some fierce cocktail recipe exchanges back and forth. This one in particular was one that I quite fancied - a long time family recipe that was shared by a very special Mrs. indeed! While their family calls it by a different name - the mixology is just the same - it's pure brilliance in liquid form, and worthy of world wide fame! Complicated it is not - the ingredients are simple and not to be forgot - perfect for enjoying either in the back yard or on the bow of a yacht! It's 1 part Malibu, 2 parts Pink Lemonade - so perfectly delicious that it deserves my gold leather spade! So here you have it, the Mrs. Flamingo Cocktail - one too many may in fact leave you with wild legends to regale!

Garden Flamingo / Malibu Rum / Pink Lemonade / Goblet / Flamingo Swizzle 

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