Mrs. Shenanigans


Oh that crazy Mrs. Shenanigans and her wild escapades - her days and nights filled with fun and fantastical crusades! She's filled with mischief and all kinds of spontaneity - she's a laugh a minute and bursting with gaiety! What's not to love about impromptu carousel parties with all the girls - sipping on the good stuff and admiring each other's pearls?! Indulging in life's greatest pleasures - gallivanting around in heirloomy treasures - partaking in fun with boundless measures. It's a magnificent gig, if you can land it - not for the faint-hearted for the fabulousness is so fierce you have to be able to withstand it!

1. Cartier Babule 2. Gold Flute 3. Lollipop 4. Cocktail Ring 5. Glittering Polish 6. Earrings


Baubles, Cocktails
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