Cocktail Party In A Box {Give Away}




What's not to love about a cocktail party in a box...? Especially when it's bursting with show stopping cocktail accoutrements!! How thrilled would you be to win a kit such as this?! Perhaps it would launch you into cocktail party bliss!! I've got a little game to play - with the prize being a cocktail party in a box [hooray!] fit for a fabulous swilling soiree! Napkins, swizzles, straw and picks - splendid supplies for a party of 10 to mingle and mix! All you must do, you see - is share with me your favorite cocktail recipe - your beloved elixir that you love to sippy! Once I've gone through them all and possibly tried a few, I'll pick the one I fancy most - announce the winning cocktail in this Friday's post, and celebrate the victory with a marvelous cocktail toast! If you're in it to win it - whether you shake it or spin it - I'll happily 'chin-chin' it!!

Let the fun begin + may the very best cocktail win!!

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