Sponsor House



It is with sheer delight that I tip my Mrs. hand - as I unveil the Sponsor House and the new weekly rental plan! An adorable advertising abode all to it's own - intended for single occupancy by one sponsor alone - designed for the spotlight and maximum glow! Available for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rentals - with fabulous rates that are decidedly gentle. Located on some seriously prime real estate - the Sponsor House is the perfect place for any business to luxuriate.  If your ad is looking to get-away and escape the stagnation - then put it up in the Sponsor House for a weeks ad vacation - it'd look good with a limelight tan from it's glorified stay-cation! The Sponsor House will be opening up the first week of next month - so strike while the iron is hot and make sure to sign up! Run don't walk, hurry don't wait -  and snatch up your must-have rental date!

There are more magnificent Mrs. ventures right around the bend - so stay tuned in dear reader friends!

For, the fabulous FUN has merely JUST begun!!!

Forward you Sponsor House rental inquiries here!

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