Mrs. Cougar


May I introduce to you the illustrious Mrs. Cougar? She's a flamboyant Mrs. that's for sure! Always dressed to the nines - she luxurious and indulgent like maturing fine wines - put her on the spot and she just sparkles and shines. She's a Mrs. on a mission, a lady on the prowl - she's wildly worldly and wise just like an owl. It goes without saying she's quite the catch - always on the hunt for the perfect match. Charmed and amused by the thrill of the hunt - she can swoop herself into mix like an acrobatic stunt. Her appearance is important and she keeps herself pristine - everything lifted and tight, wrinkle free and lean. And if your looking for a bit of love advice - she just might be the lady to ask - she's been around the block a few times if not thrice. 

Coat / Pumps / Sunglasses / Necklace / Book / Purse / Lady Enhancers / Hair Pen / Breath Elixir

Baubles, Fashion
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