Mrs. Nails {Give Away!}



If there's one thing I love right next to cocktails - is a set of fabulously painted fingernails! What began as an occasional treat has now become a daily occurrence - why, perfectly painted nails are the best kind of fashion insurance! "The nails are everything!" exclaimed a dear friend with poised confidence - which echoed in my Mrs. mind as words of remarkable brilliance! It is with this profound statement that I bestow upon you a Mrs. Nails {Give Away!} - a fun and wondrous little nail painting contest I do say! Share with me your most noble nails, painted and pampered with the prettiest of polish - embellished, glittering, and flamboyantly lavish! Short, long... oh it just doesn't matter - but they must be real, not fake [ever!] The best in show wins my favorite Mrs. polish medley - Illamasqua's Grab and Sephora's Only Gold For Me... if nails could kill, these would be deadly! 

submit your entries [1 photo + application description] so the fun can begin - and may the very best Mrs. Nails win!

[submissions must be received by this Thursday and the winner will be announced on Friday - hooray!]


Mrs. Lilien

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