Pillow Talk


It's time to get down to it, and have a little pillow talk - let's face it, fabulous pillows are no different than fabulous frocks - the good ones make statements and cause onlookers to gasp and gawk! Pillow hunting can at times be a dizzying task - and even have you reaching for your flask - so where do you start, you just might ask?! Look no further than my lovely Mrs. pillow chart - the handiest way for finding a pillow that warms your heart. Maybe you are smitten with round-exotics - or perhaps you fancy textured lumbars as they're undeniably hypnotic! You can never go wrong with a neutral-statement - they hold boundless possibilities and make for the perfect accent! Whether big or small, fluffy or round - a good pillow is worth it's weight in gold, pound for pound!

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