Cocktail Party In A Box WINNER!!



Out of 65 cocktail recipes it was painfully hard to choose - with all the clever concoctions and bottles of booze - any way you sip it, you just can't lose! However, there was one that really did steel the show - it was the Paloma Cocktail from Megan Weisbarth, I'll have you know! Discovered on a recent trip to Mexico City - has since become her favorite cocktail to sippy! It's summery, it's sweet and splendidly salty - it's certainly worthy of a place in your cocktail vaulty! Congratulations Megan Weisbarth, you've just won yourself a Cocktail Party In A Box - get ready to call all your friends and fire up the jukebox!!

Cazadores Tequila / Izze Grapefruit Soda / Dean + Deluca Cyprus Salt / Scarlet Macaw Highball / Tiffany Spoon

Now, before I go, I must tip my Mrs. hat - to the two runners-up that were ferociously fun at that! Maree Sperle gave us The Pear Thyme Fizz - it's a tasty treat that'll give you a whiz! Alli Addison submitted The Skip n' Go Naked - um, that's what she said! You must concoct these two cocktails whilst bartending - they'll be a lovely edition to your holiday weekending!!


Pear Vodka / Vodka / Champagne / Shaker / Martini Glass

Blender / Vodka / Beer / Strip Tea Glass / Frozen Pink Lemonade


Cheers to everyone who partook in the fun - If I've learned anything at all, it's that I must host another one!! 


Mrs. Lilien

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