Mrs. Ask n' Tell!



Last week I opened up the Mrs. lines for query-laden communication - the inbox was snowed with abounding participation - as buttery questions rolled in begging for answers brimming with sensation! 

All the questions have been so ridiculously divine - answering each and every one will take me some time - but I'd be a bold faced liar if I said it wasn't my new favorite past time! I pulled a few that I thought to be particularly splendid -  to who's answers I thoughtfully gathered and carefully tended.  So, without further ado, I'll put an end to the Ask n' Tell suspense - and let the answering commence... 

1. Dearest Jaclyn, I'd suggest something classic, personal and rather fancy - such as this ladylike initial necklace from none other than Tiffany. It's elegant, dainty and rich with tribute - and something I'm sure they'll appreciate and cherish to boot!

2. Dearest V and K, a few high-potency pills and a glass of this is my cure-all for a case of the day after "drunk + fatties" - this powerful combination will cure what ails even the mean-nastiest of hang-over mac daddies!

3. Dearest Mrs. Pennington, the Derby is all about over-the-top hats - I'd say seize this opportunity and go with a fascinator, at thats! Look to the illustrious Philip Treacy for inspiration - you'll be the most glamorously fascinating Mrs. over at the Kentucky Derby's betting station!!

I look forward to fielding more of your queries - in this most delightful Ask Mrs. Lilien series. So, if you've got one send it on over my way - I'll ponder it carefully and perhaps even put the Q/A up on display!


Mrs. Lilien


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