Mrs. Shirley Temple


There's nothing quite like a Shirley Temple - a drink that's nostalgic, reminiscent and totally sentimental - and one that was begging me to get a little experimental! Sure the virgin version is delicious and tasty - but a refreshment sans a little booze is kind of a wastey! For this Mrs. version, it's all about good ingredients - proper measurements and overall booze obedience. Real ginger ale and pomegranate juice is absolutely fundamental - the very successes behind this Mrs. Shirley Temple. The kicker is the gin, that turns this drink into a win - it gives this Mrs. reason enough to bottoms up and chin-chin! While it's no longer a little girls drink, you can't forget the cherry - as with the gin, it's positively necessary! Here's the printable recipe for your drinking pleasure - enjoy every bit of nostalgia on every single measure!


Mrs. Lilien

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