Mrs. Pink Panther


She's pretty in pink and a hopeless romancer - she's the one, the only, the Mrs. Pink Panther. She's playful, yet private and pretty darn precocious - she's fast, fierce and flirtatiously ferocious. She saunters about town, on abstruse missions, I suppose - she's an intercontinental adventurer with top secret portfolios - to which she's never ever been known to disclose.  She's stealth and mysterious - she'll leave you boggled and delirious - probably because she's rarely ever serious. Behind her big sunglasses and pink-ish guise - stands a fascinating Mrs. who's both worldly and wise. This Mrs. Pink Panther is a spectacular pal - and an all around mysteriously pink-ish gal! 

Henry Mancini, The Pink Panther /  Caviar Ultra Sudan Sunglasses / Fancy Sapphire Earrings / Nina Ricci Oversized Coat / Moschino Bow Wow Flats / Bra + Knicker / Fifi Chachnil Eau de Parfum

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