Mrs. Gotta-Get-Away


She considers herself a jet-set escape artist - ready at any given moment to jaunt off to the places that she's fondest. Her philosophy is rather simple yet staunch - only bring what's vital so that the water taxi can launch. A good get-away doesn't garner copious amounts of loot - a versatile suit, a sun hat and spf to boot, and a good beach read is absolute! Travel socks for the airport are wholeheartedly essential - keeping her tootsies stylishly covered at the airport is imperative when traveling inter-continental. This is the life of Mrs. Gotta-Get-Away - when the weather gets chilly, she packs her trunks and is gone the very next day!

Sunglasses / Bikini / Supergoop Wipes / Vintage Chanel Purse / Vintage Sun Hat / America's Dollhouse / Tory Burch Travel Socks / Vintage Cartier Watch / Silver Panama Pencil / Spade Journal / Norton MacCullough & Locke Bespoke Luggage

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