Mrs. Ask n' Tell!


The questions keep coming in - and I'm fielding them with reckless abandon. While most of these get answered privately - there are always a few that I answer out loud and rather excitedly! SO without further ado - I've gone ahead and answered a few...

Dearest Christine you've inquired about the proper valentines hostess getup - you ought to take a crack at this pleasantly punchy mashup! There's no denying a lady in white - her lips drenched in crimson and hearts on her heels is everything that is right. While you're at it you can't go wrong with an explosive corsage - and some hot pink tights will have you shining amongst your vday entourage!

Dearest Kate, you're looking to glamify the daily mundane - I have but two suggestions to fabify the otherwise everyday lame - spice things up with a pair of big blingy earrings, slather on some hot coral lipstick, I promise you - your tasks will not be the same! Just a little goes a very long way - instant glam is easily attained and rather simple to display!

I'm off to weed out my prop closet as this Mrs. is moving manses - I'll be planning a Mrs. Lilien Prop Closet Tag Sale where I'll be selling some curiosities and one-of a-kind bronzes! I'll keep you all posted on the upcoming date - to which I'll be selling some proppy items from my estate! 

Happy Weekending!


Mrs. Lilien

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