Embellish it - just a little bit.


It's always a good idea to have a burgeoning collection of game-changers - you know, those elevated ditties that leave you looking all kinds of majors?! I live for these kinds of fabulous notions - and covet them like secret eternal youth potions. It really is the little things that beckon the biggest impact - why just slipping on a pair of embellished heels will have you looking hot and rather stacked. Or, merely clipping a foxy little tail to your favorite clutch - immediately takes your look from good to super lux! So next time you plan on stepping out, I wanna see you embellish it... you have my permission to go over the top, just a little bit!

Raffaella Di Montalaban Sunglasses / Chrissie Morris Pumps / Marabella Embellished Bow Stick-on Tattoo / Kate Spade, Sparkle Summit Brynn / Isabel Marant Foxtail

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