Mrs. Lilien Goes to Tiffany's



Last Friday evening I was rather giddy and aglow - for I was off to mingle at Tiffany's [aka: the glittering chateau.] I had been called down to peruse the new leather collection - a dazzling selection of arm candy teeming with perfection! Upon entry I was immediately refreshed with bubbly - then whisked over to meet the handbag masterminds, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, who were nothing short of lovely. I was given a private tour of each tote, bag and clutch - not to mention the justification behind each embellishment, color selection and such - all the while falling in love with each caressing touch. What I came away with and what I'd like to share - is that you are going to want one of each design, in every color... I swear! So, the next time you breeze through your local Tiffs - leave some extra time to fondle the bags, they cannot be missed!

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