The Mrs. Vanity


I consider myself a bit of a vanity ritualist - in other words, a serious beauty habitualist. There are few things as satisfying than holding court at the vanity - and playing the '...who's the fairest of them all?" fantasy. Mirror questions aside, this ritual is rather paramount - it's honoring the pleasures of beautification on every account. I have my coveted pleasures, some of which I'll share - these ones in particular are centered around my hair. The two cardinal items every vanity must possess - are a hand mirror and a hair brush for ultimate beauty success. No station is complete with out an aerosol hairspray, lustrous locks oil and a pile of bobby pins - it is with these items where the real hair triumph begins. If you haven't had a vain moment lately, well then I beg you try... and please don't be shy - for once you sit down and light up that hairspray, you won't doubt why!!

Elnett Satin Hairspray / Bobby Pins / Mason Pearson, Boar Bristle Hairbrush / Goldilicks Hair Oil

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