The 12 Days of Christmas : day 1


Chime the jingle bells + grab a hot toddy - join me in singing 12 Days of Christmas, everybody! I'm so thrilled to have partnered up with Juicy Couture - we've whipped up some holiday magic, that's for sure! Sing one, sing all, by golly it doesn't matter - just be sure to sit back and enjoy the chatter. I'll be posting 4 times per day for the next three days - I've got 12 verses of this carol to which I've spiced up each phrase - in so very many fabulous ways! Without further ado, let's kick this jingle off...

On the first day of Christmas

my Pharmacist gave to me:

A piping hot toddy.

What's a Mrs. sans the perfect prescription?? She's a hot mess bested by mental friction. All hail the apt pharmacist's intuition and generosity - for Christmas without a toddy is a godforsaken monstrosity!

Day 2 will post at 8am PST... stay tuned, you won't want to miss!!


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