Mr. + Mrs. Cocktail


What better than some stellar lover's libations - to kick off these festive Valentines Day celebrations! The ladies of Fashionably Bombed and I are at it again - with a smokin' hot Mr. + Mrs. Cocktail duo that's hotter n' cayenne! This exclusive V-day collaboration - is on the heels of last year's Rudolph Royale cocktail sensation - and was concocted with some explosive imagination! These ladies are a hoot - sisters to boot - and if you ask me wizardresses of the Absolut! 'Tis quite possibly the perfect cocktail to mix with your Mister - a few of these down the hatch and you'll soon be engulfed in naughty Twister! I hope you enjoy every second of this day - and... "Bottoms Up" as they say!

I present you with Mrs. Valentines day necessity - the one, the only, the printable Mr. + Mrs. Cocktail recipe!

Listen up you drunken sailors - don't forget your Mr. + Mrs. Cocktailers!


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