Shake It Up + Anthology Magazine!


Well well well, what'ya know - the second issue of Anthology is here and there's so much to show! What fun it was to host the crew - for an intimate cocktail party where we all knocked back a few! Styled by the illustrious Meg Ilasco - shot by the wildly talented Jen Siska, 'twas quite a fabulous fiasco! Riotous fun was had along side Mr. + Mrs. Cho - and also with Mr. + Mrs. Orheim, a couple of sensational friends I'll have you know! We chuckled, we sipped - we noshed, and we dipped. A modern yet classic party with not a detail spared - a swinging good time where endless fun was shared. A monumentous spread in which I share my intimate entertaining details - from family recipes to finding my magnificent mojo and all that it entails! You can bet your bottom dollar the story is superb - penned by the brilliant Anh-Minh Lee, wizardress of the written word! If that's not enough, my darling Mister make is debut - the one and only Mr. Lilien, the apple of my eye the man I come hitherto! I urge you to pick up a copy - so you can pour over the details chop-choppy!


Happy HAPPY weekending!


Mrs. Lilien

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