His & Hers


There is something to be said about the complimentary him that lies behind the fancy her - why, every leading Madame requires a stellar Monsieur. A gentlemen through and through - a Mr. you certainly wouldn't mind coming hitherto! A true cavalier chap - that isn't opposed to the top hat - in my book is a fabulous chap at that! And with a spin of the chin - we look to the lady where every gentleman's happiness lies within. She's a lover of the good life - doesn't think twice about being his wife - and prances about sans a single strife. She's confident and witty - both inside and out she's painfully pretty - a lady who loves a good date in the city. She's a dazzling straight shooter - he's ridiculously charming and ever the ultimate suitor. Like bread and butter... by golly, they just belong to each other!

HIS : Rabbit in Hat Cufflinks / Tuxedo Bow / Top Hat Champagne Cooler / Avalon Cologne

HERS :  Patent Bow Pump / Pink Diamond RingRose Balm / Pink Marc De Champagne TrufflesVersace Hand Bag

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