Mrs. Patio


It's high time to start pondering the spring patio - alas pulling the trigger on which garden statue to bestow. At long last the snow will melt - your flower beds will be needing your help - and you'll have no other option but to make way for the garden's green belt. The pots are begging to be filled - the hanging planters need greenery to be spill - and by golly you need a perch to bask upon and chill! So much to do so little time - before you know it you'll be sitting pretty on your perch admiring your patio so sublime!

1. POD Seafoam Planters 2. Vintage Rattan Ottoman 3. Hooded Rattan Settee 4. Wallter Post Planters 5. Wallter Hanging Planters 6. American Flamingo Statuary

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