Plum Crazy


It's true there are a few colors that can drive me crazy - they usually are ones that are undeniably saturated and somewhat glazy. Plum happens to be one - and I only really like it when it's slightly overdone. This shade oozes with pomp-ish fanfare - the very shade that will cause one to garishly stare - and when done properly, explodes with fabulous flare! You cannot deny it's overly juicy and ripe - or claim it doesn't tickle your retinas [try as you might!] I think a little crazy can be good every now and again - as long as it's plum crazy and a perfect ten!

Notte By Marchesa, Ruffled Silk Chiffon Dress / Christian Louboutin, Declic 120 Suede Pumps / Hepburn Croc Vanity Case / Amethyst + Pink Topaz Gumdrop Earrings / Vintage Glass Decanter / Ladies Croc Leather Flask / Travel Backgammon Set / Nancy Gonzales, Crocodile Clutch / Jcrew Ruffle Shortie

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