Beach Day



You must excuse me, for this day is fixing to be glorious - the sun is out, the temp is balmy and the beach is looking victorious! It goes without saying I'll be playing me some hooky - I've got a date with the sand, I've got to give the ocean a looky! Fret not, I'm certain the sun is coming to a sky near you - and when it does I won't pass judgement if you play hookie, heck I'd expect you to!! But to be honest, I don't feel too bad about it - I'm delivering a special treat tomorrow and don't you doubt it! The Mrs. Spring Bling Shoppe opens it's doors first thing Friday morning - it's oozing with splendor and it's everything that's opposite of boring. So, while I'm feasting on the sun you ought to feast on that - the excitement is heating up like a gossip-filled chitchat!


Mrs. Lilien


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