Royal Bling


What's not to love about a little royal bling - the very kind that would make any soon-to-be princess sing?! This collection of stunners is made for success - a glittering ensemble dripping with majestic finesse - I'd say the only thing missing is the dress - well that and perhaps our glowing bride-princess. Here's to the bottomless royal cheer that we'll soon be spreading - best wishes and Mrs. kisses to the bride and groom on their royal wedding!


Oh, and, whilst on the topic of royal discussions - might I add that Miss Middleton and I are perhaps distant cousins???!!! With my maiden name being Key, you see - which stems from my 7th great grandfather, Sir Francis Scott Key - it seems Catherine and I share Mr. Key in our family tree! The title of Royal Cousin certainly has a nice ring - I wonder if I'll be appointed with a little royal bling?!?!

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