Bahama Mama


She's an established mistress of holiday - she sashays about with the cadence of the palm tree sway - she's the Bahama Mama and she resorts everyday! She closes her eyes and takes in the island breeze - she mixes tropical blender drinks with effortless expertise - and she'll make it a double if you so please. She's the knower of the empyrean local haunts about town - the very spf you need to stay protected, yet still turn brown - and if you butter her up she'll give her the name of her masseuse who's world renowned! She's the Bahama Mama - if you haven't met her yet, well... I know your gonna wanna!

Jil Sander, Strapless Silk-Taffeta Maxi DressAmanda Pearl, Floppy Flowers Hair RibbonAnya Hindmarch, Trinny SandalsTom Ford Sunglasses / Anya Hindmarch, Sun Hat / Pink Sands Resort, Harbor Island Bahamas [via] The Round Up, Warm Weather Spots


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